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Tonight I had that a conversation that went a lot like this….. “don’t worry, you’ll find love eventually”. At first this may seem like a harmless comment – only problem, it came from the guy I am meant to be seeing and after me spending the entire day looking after his man flu self and having him tell me I need to be more positive I thought.. FUCK YOU. Additionally I took my before photos and all I see is a very overweight, unhealthy woman. I am also going through a hideous divorce. I feel sorry for myself and lost.


I think the first step in turning my life around is to set a clear vision about what it is I want to achieve.

It is now 1 January 2018 and I am ready for the best year of my life. I have chiseled my body long and lean, I am vibrant, gorgeous and healthy. I have a six pack, toned shoulders and I am super fit. I have a zeal for life and look gorgeous. I love being me. 

It is now 1 January 2018, I am ready for my soul mate. A man who I love and adore and who loves and adores me. A man who is healthy, successful and lives life to the full. He is my best friend. We live in Bondi together and enjoy creating a spectacular life. I am happy, confident and radiant in love. I am a Queen and I know my value and worth

It is now 1 January 2019 and I am earning $250K. I have my own apartment and am building my wealth. I am confident of my future 

It is now 10 may 2018 and I am celebrating my 28th birthday with a group of the most amazing couples. I am surrounded by love and happy beyond my wildest dreams

It is now 1 December 2018 and I have my own successful online business. I am able to work anywhere in the world, have a tribe of amazing, healthy and awesome women and I get to do what I love every single day


Well, I’ve set the goal and now I want to work towards them. This will be my log of how I achieved my dream life.

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