I love variety and I appreciate the value of having a daily practice. Have you ever had a moment of clarity – where you look in the mirror and wonder what happened. I had this moment not so long ago. The details are irrelevant, everyone has their sob story. All I remember thinking was I have to do life my way. I have spent so much time trying to please everyone, reading books on how to be better rather than taking a moment to listen to my own wisdom.


  1. Each day set my daily intention in the Bliss Pages
  2. Experiment and find out what living well means and how to glow from the inside out
  3. Take great care of myself
  4. Build beautiful friendships with other awesome women
  5. Lose weight, get glowing skin, learn how to do a back flip and fall in love with life again


I invite you to join me if you like and find out what works for you